Once you log into PlansDrop, you will be presented with a screen that shows any previous projects you have entered, in any municipality, and the opportunity to enter a new one.

Create a New Project

In order to upload your documents, you will need to first create a project to associate the documents to.

  1. Log into PlansDrop.
  2. Select the + New Project button.
  3. Enter the information in the fields. Required fields are marked with a red * asterisk.
    • Jurisdiction - Use the drop-down to select which jurisdiction the project is in. 
    • Location - The address of the project. If the jurisdiction includes more than one town, hamlet, etc. (e.g. a county), please include the full address.
    • Property Owner - The name(s) of the property owner(s). 
    • Project Type - Use the drop-down options to select if this is a Building, Engineering or Planning Project or a Pre-Application submittal. 
    • Project Name - Give your project a name so you can easily find it again to check the progress.
    • Project Description - Briefly describe what is being built. 
  4. If you make a mistake, select the X at the right to clear the values and start again.
  5. The Submittals section will not be active until you have filled all of the required fields (at minimum) and selected Continue.
    • You will get a pop-up warning if you miss a required field and will not be able to continue until you enter a value.



CityViewTIP: you can select the CityView name or icon at any time to return to your Projects screen just note that, depending on where you where in the process, some changes may be lost.

Upload Documents to a Project

You will upload documents in the Submittals section of the screen. 

You will be provided with the following guidelines. If you have a question about a particular document or requirement, contact the jurisdiction directly.

 Guidelines For Electronically Submitting Documents
  • Submitted documents should be under 40MB in size.
  • Accepted file extensions:
    • pdf, dwg, cad, jpg, png, tif, docx, xlsx
  • All plans shall be to scale.
  • Recommended naming conventions:
    • Keep filename consistent.
    • Avoid the use of non-friendly filenames. (ex. k9dk38fj3.pdf)
    • Avoid inappropriate language in filenames.
  • Submitted documents will be stamped at the conclusion of the review.
    • The stamp will be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the document. It is recommended that this area, to the extent possible, be left blank so that no information is lost when the stamp is applied.

Once you have chosen the files you wish to upload, please click the "Continue" button located at the bottom of the page, to complete your submission.

  1. Each submittal item will have its own upload section to make it easier for you to provide a complete application and to help staff process the documents. 
  2. Under the correct submittal item, either drag the document from a folder or your desktop into the tab box or use the BROWSE... button to search for the document location, select the file name and select Open. 
    • If you have started uploading the wrong document, you can use the minus Abort button to stop the upload or the trash can Trash icon to delete after the upload is complete.
  3. You will get a notification that the file has been successfully uploaded.
  4. Repeat this process for each Submittal item.
    • If you need to upload documents that do not match a particular item name/description, upload it to the Other Project Files section.
  5. Select Continue to finish the upload process and Review and Submit.


Review and Submit

You will now finalize the new project and submittals.

  1. Selecting Continue in the Submittals section will take you to the Review and Submit section.
  2. Verify the Project Details. You will not be able to change the type or jurisdiction once the project is submitted.
  3. You can open any tab by selecting it. To update the information, make your changes, and select Update.
  4. Do not close your browser window until you select Submit.
  5. Your Project will be saved and you will be taken to the Projects screen.