About PlansDrop

PlansDrop was created to give governments and applicants a safe, secure, no contact way to transfer project plans. 

What you can do:

  • Input basic project information (location, description, etc.)
  • Upload project documents such as applications, plans, forms
  • Upload pre-project documents
  • Check on project upload status (e.g. is it complete, are more items needed)
  • Upload corrected documents

What you can not do:

  • Make application fee payments
  • Schedule inspections

Project Dashboard

  • Select any row to open that Project.
  • To sort the project list, select any of the column headings. Use the arrow to switch the order.
  • To search the list, enter text or numbers in the Search box and select enter.
    • If you have a large number of projects, you can limit the search to one column (e.g. location). 
    • To clear the search, remove the entry in the Search box and select enter.
  • Only 7 projects will be loaded per page. Use the arrows or numbers to scroll through the pages.

Project Details

  • You can return to the Project dashboard by selecting the CityView logo or text in the upper left.

  • If the information does not update, use the browser refresh/reload button Refresh
  • Files can be upload via a folder search or using drag and drop.

Project Status

  • A project will have one of the following statuses:
    • New - This is the default status when you create a new project. The project will stay as New until the staff has reviewed it. 
    • Waiting for Submittals - This status indicates that one or more of the required documents is missing or is incomplete. You will need to open the project and check which documents need attention.
    • Verify Resubmission - Once you have resubmitted rejected documents, they will be verified by staff. 
    • Canceled - If no action is taken on a project after a period of time (e.g. uploads are not added or corrected), it will automatically close. Therefore, you should not create a project until your documents are ready for submission.
    • Closed - Once the staff is satisfied with the quality and content of the submittal documents, the project is closed. This does not mean the application as a whole is closed, it just means there is nothing further to do in PlansDrop.
  • Only staff members can change the project status.